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If You Want To Use The Function In Your Program Here Is The Guide To Do So:
1. First Of All Add Reference To .dll Library File Which You Can Download From Downloads Tab Above.
2. Since The Library Contains Only 2 Functions "StartCopyingThisFolder" & "StartCopyingThisFile" You Don't Need To Use The "imports" Or "using" Statement. It's Optional From My Point Of View.
3. Both Of The Functions Have Two Arguments SourcePath And DestinationPaths.
SourcePath Is The Source File Path If You Want To Use "StartCopyingThisFile" Or The Source Folder Path If You Want To Use The "StartCopyingThisFolder" Cuntion
DestionationPaths Should Be A List Of Destination Files/Folders ( List<string>). And It's The Destinations File Paths If You Are Using "StartCopyingThisFile" Or The Destinations Folder Paths If You Are Using "StartCopyingThisFolder".
4. Since The Functions Return Types Are Booleans, It's Recommended That You Use Them Like This:

while (!(ParallelCopyLibrary.ParallelCopy.StartCopyingThisFile(SourcePath, DestinationPaths)));

Note: Your Application Will Stuck In Above Instruction Until Copying The Files Are Done.

Note: The Functions Are Threaded So You Do Not Need To MultiThread Them.

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